1. Jon / Silverwood Compound

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  2. mammothandfriends:

    We’re playing at the Hub in Colton this Friday with all of our favorite bands! Watch us move!!!

    My bud Mason and I made this super doper flyer for a show we’re playing with all our friends! Super excited for the line up! All the proceeds will go towards a fall tour to NorCal (MAMMOTH/TOMBER LEVER). If you live in the general IE/SoCal area, you should definitely come out! 


  3. wheres-dad-deactivated20140723 said: Did you have a photo in this months thrasher

    Yeah I did actually. My buddy sent a phone pic of it but I haven’t got my hands on it yet. :]


  4. Objects of Loss // “Aurora”

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  5. Objects of Loss // “Hannah”

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  6. Objects of Loss // “Fernando”

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  7. Objects of Loss // “Corrine” 

    I made a number of images recently that deal with what we’re left with after a loved one passes. It was emotional for everyone involved and has had a big impact in my life so far. 

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  8. Pomona Swap Meet & Car Show / 2014

    Pomona Swap Meet is held seven times every year and has been an important part of SoCal car culture since 1975. This gathering is where car enthusiasts, builders, and junk collectors alike meet to drink as the sun rises and to walk the endless aisles of car parts. Here are a few of the many wagons you will find when you attend. 

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  9. Thank you

    to everyone who responded with really helpful information. You all rule.


  10. Vanessa / Laughlin, NV / 2014

    Vanessa and I baked in Laughlin a few weeks ago and it was totally awesome. When we came home from Laughlin, we went to a house show and I accidentally formatted a card with the whole first two days worth of photos from our trip. Life sux. Any tips??

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  11. mammothandfriends:

    Here’s a new tumblr for all things Mammoth and friends! Submit photos and whatever else!

    Made a blawg for Mammoth! Spread dat ish around y’all. Forever excited about this summer of shows and friends.


  12. A few weeks ago my family went out to celebrate my cousin Mandy graduating USC Cinema and as usual the drinks were flowin’. After we left the bar, we hit this really great burger place in Alhambra, CA called ‘Rick’s’. It’s a family favorite. During my poor attempt at eating a burrito, I caught my pops sleepin’ at the table. I guess what I’m getting at is cheers to you dad. You’ve taught me a shit ton am I would probably be a big douche if it wasn’t for you. 

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  13. Anonymous said: what digital do you shoot, solid stuff man!

    camera? 5d mkII recently, thanks mang


  14. juliastephaniecabrera said: How long have you been with Vanessa?

    two years last may, time flies!