1. V.L.H.S. BENI-FEST / 2014

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  2. nickolouse:

    Mammoth by Joey Pacheco Photography on Flickr.

    I play bass (pt.2) Have a look at my cousin’s flickr page. He’s fucking killin’ it. 


  3. I play bass. If you didn’t know. Cheers Chris!

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  4. Anonymous said: How about they go to Walmart and buy a Canon Elph?

    Because they would have to spend good money on things that are already available to them. I would hate to have made them put more cash down. We sent them off with a 7D / 17-40 and the contax g1. They brough back really beautiful images. Maybe I’ll post some?


  5. Cameras + Parents

    My parents are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning and they don’t have a camera to take with them. I was going to offer my old 5D but I don’t have any auto focus lenses for it / I don’t want them to worry about focusing. So I was thinking about giving them my Contax G1… small, auto focus, auto settings, plus flash? What do you guys think?


  6. Finding images that I skipped while scanning. 

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  7. Vanessa / Camarillo / 2014

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  8. Went to San Diego

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  9. Ryan / FS Grind

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  10. Andrew / Frontside Nosegrind / 2014

    So last night at around 12 when I hoping to sit on the couch, be lazy and watch tv with my brother, I get a message saying I’m needed for a night filming session with Chris and Michael. HOW COULD I SAY NO? Overall it turned out to be a long and successful night. Fled from police, with a full lighting set up, and got home just before sunrise. 

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  11. Going through scans and finding images that I wish I could revisit. 

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  13. Danny / 2014

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  14. Ryan / 2014

    Found this and remembered that I never posted it. Wooooh.

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  15. Ridiculous Pool / Danny & Boon / 2014

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